Thursday, 27 September 2012

High above the Urban

"High above the Urban" 

In here, we were at Campuestohan Highland Resort located in Bacolod City. 1.683 meters above sea level
It feels like you're on top the world I can assure you that! Lovely Place to be at if you're a nature lover you'll definitely love this place! It's a new resort that opened just recently ( not sure of the exact date but thay said it just opened haha) talk about the fog there if you were at the right time for a rain it can surely freeze you, we were all shivering especially my grandma but for me it was better that it fogged than to sacrifice the heat! it can also be very hot in there, the sun is hot but the breeze is cold so you can't feel if you've already got tan lines haha so be aware and it's really good for camping  they have a pool too (but I wasnt able to have a picture with it), Had fun in there and you guys should defnitely visit there sometime! xx

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